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Myle Iced Apple Mango is a perfect blend and fusion of fruits flavors and refreshing ice. If you prefer sharp and refreshing mint taste, you can choose this pod without any hesitations. Iced Apple with Mango is a great choice for a hot summer day and you can vape it all the long day.

Take a pod with unique blend of flavors and attach it to your MYLE for 5 seconds. You need to take off the stoppers on the top and bottom sides of the pod and attach it to your MYLE device.

  • 4 packages involve 40 replacement pods with a taste of iced apple mango;
  • Each pod has 0.9ml of a premium quality nicotine juice;
  • Each pod contain 5% nicotine;
  • Each pod delivers about 240 puffs.

Buying the products of MYLE, you should be confident that it is top-quality products with incredible flavor and a smooth finish taste, especially when it deals about blends. MYLE iced apple mango liquid can open for you the whole assortment and freshness of proposed flavors in one inhale.

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